Resident Annual:  $17.50

Resident Five-Year:  $79.50

Non-Resident Annual:  $47.50

Non-Resident 3-Day:  $17.50

Non-Resident 7-Day:  $30.50

Also available:  Fresh/Salt Combo, Hunting, Hunting/Fishing Combo, Sportsman licenses and Saltwater/Freshwater Recreational Regulations

Sold at our store or click to go to the FL Fish and Wildlife site to purchase online.

Spinning, conventional, and bait-casting reels are repaired, and/or cleaned and lubricated off site by Larry Harvill, a reputable repairmen, usually within a week or less depending upon demand, unless parts need to be ordered.  He is equipped to work on most models of Penn, Shimano, Abu Garcia, Pflueger, Quantum, Bass Pro, Wright McGill, Daiwa, Lew's, Fin-Nor, and Okuma.  Please be aware that the reel manufacturers only maintain parts for about 2-3 years back.  So, if your reel is much older, he might not be able to get the necessary parts if it needs repairs.

Please call (813) 777-2856 and make arrangements directly with Larry Harvill.  We are no longer taking in reels for repair here at the store.


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Bridgemaster Fishing Products aka Fisherman's Candy Store broken rod repair

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If you can think of it, we can probably create it.  Order ahead as it can take up to a month to be completed.  If parts must be ordered, please allow 2 months. 

Bridgemaster Fishing Products aka Fisherman's Candy Store reel repair
Fish Anywhere

We can replace tips for both freshwater and saltwater spinning or casting rods on site, usually same day, while you wait.  

All rods requiring anything more than the tip replaced are done off site, but are usually completed within a few days to a week, depending upon demand.

Rod Repair

Reel Repair

Bridgemaster Fishing Products aka Fisherman's Candy Store rod repair
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Line Winding

Bridgemaster Fishing Products aka Fisherman's Candy Store
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Whether you buy your spinning or baitcasting reel here or elsewhere, we can put monofilament, fluorocarbon, or braided line on your reel (no spincast reels).  You only pay for what you need because we charge by the yard. 

Taxidermy Service

Bridgemaster Fishing Products rod components by Batson Enterprises and American Tackle
Elwood's Taxidermy bass and crappie

Elwood's Taxidermy Service is recommended by Bridgemaster Fishing Products for all your freshwater and saltwater mounts - please consider a replica so you can release your fish for another angler's joy.

You pick out the blank, guides, reel seat, thread, etc. and our rod builder will put it all together for you.  If we don't stock the components you want, we can order them in. 

For a complete selection of what we can access, go to Batson Enterprises for a complete catalog of blanks and components, or we can also order from American Tackle, especially if you are wanting the Microwave guides.

The cost depends upon all of the components selected, as they vary greatly, plus the labor. 

Or, if you have the "know-how", we have the tools, booklets with instructions or you can learn using Youtube videos to build your own.

Custom Rod Building